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The Bronze Horsemen
The First People To Tame Horses

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The Bronze Horsemen is a fictional novel that describes an actual Bronze Age group of people
called the Botai (Bow-Tie), who dominated the steppes of southern Russia for 600 years. According to “Discover Magazine” (Summer/2010), the Botai were very likely the first to capture and omesticate a horse. The characters and adventures are fiction as are the names of their leaders and the challenges they faced as they struggled to survive. Their fortunes changed when they tamed a horse. Being mounted gave the Botai an advantage over those who sought to destroy them and changed the world for thousands of years.



Twenty-five years after the Smolens drove the Botai from their homeland, Daven comes face to face with Scarman, the warrior who killed both his father and his mother. As a young man, Daven vowed to take back his tribe’s original homeland. Now he is the lead hunter and second-in-command of the Botai, and he hasn’t forgotten his vow.

Daven and Bruno, the Botai clan leaders, learn from two captured scouts that they are about to be attacked by an old enemy who has superior numbers of hardened fighters. The Botai have trained horses, better weapons and new leaders who refuse
to run. Daven creates the perfect plan down to the smallest detail, only to have it exposed by a traitor who is willing to see the Botai destroyed for their own personal gain. Still, they face overwhelming numbers. If not for their horses, Daven and Bruno would have little chance to survive the coming battle.

The second in a series, Adventures of the Bronze Horsemen begins where The Bronze Horsemen ends and explores the historical period of the Bronze Age in 3000 BC.



Hunt for the Wolf Clan - Trouble comes to the Botai at the peak of their power. Recent raids on shepherds and travelers have started again in a similar pattern to attacks made by the Smolens villagers years ago. Even worse, the Botai have lost their access to tin, the key ingredient in making bronze.

Daven, the Botai lead hunter, decides to search for the raiders first and deal with access to tin later. He suspects that their old enemies are back, and it appears that Mercillus, leader of the Smolens, might have enough men to take revenge on the Botai. The trio of Botai leaders, Alex, Daven, and Bruno, take their hardened fighters and set out to find the raiders, journeying to unknown lands and facing strange new challenges. Along the way, they battle slavers and encounter a variety of other people, both hostile and friendly. But soon they learn that the raiders, who call themselves the Wolf Clan, are responsible for the raids, and some of their names and faces are familiar.

In this historical novel, a group of Bronze Age horsemen set out on an action-filled journey in order to protect their way of life from raiders seeking to destroy it.