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The Bronze Horsemen
The First People To Tame Horses

  About the Book

The Bronze Horsemen by David Mallegol is the first book in the series and describes an actual early Bronze Age people called the Botai. The Botai became dominant leaders for 600 years in the area near the Ural mountains, of what is now southern Russia. For comparison, the United States is 237 years old, the Roman empire dominated for approximately 750 years.

According to an interview with Sandra Olsen PhD. of the Carnegie Museum, as published in Discover Magazine in the summer of 2010, these people were the first to domesticate wild horses. The event, which happened in approximately 3350 BC, changed their world and that of those who lived around them.

"The Bronze Horsemen" is a compelling work of historic fiction and an account of their lives. The facts are based on those found during excavations of three villages by Sandra Olsen. The novel describes the Botai struggle to survive in these brutal times. It also describes how their fortunes changed when they captured and learned to ride horses. Being mounted gave the Botai a tremendous advantage over those who sought to destroy them. Horses changed women's work, travel, hunting and more than anything else, it changed warfare.

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Twenty five years after the Smolens drove the Botai from their original lands, Daven comes face to face with Scarman, the war leader who killed both his mother and his father. This time, Scarman is his captive. Daven does not have mercy on his mind as he forces Scarman to tell him why he is scouting the Botai village. The news is not good; the Smolens plan to attack the Botai again.

The Botai have trained horses, better weapons, hardened fighters and new leaders in Daven and Bruno who refuse to run. Still they face overwhelming numbers of Smolens who are known as the most primitive and brutal people in the area. Daven and Bruno create the perfect plan, down to the smallest detail, only to have it exposed to the enemy by someone of their own village who is willing to trade the knowledge for their own personal gain. If not for their horses, the Botai would have little chance to survive.

The second historic novel in the series, "Adventures of the Bronze Horsemen" describes the later years of the Botai people as they rise to power.

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Trouble comes to the Botai at the peak of their power. Recent raids on shepherds and travelers have started again in a similar pattern to attacks made by the Smolens villagers years ago. Even worse, the Botai have lost their access to tin, the key ingredient in making bronze.

Daven, the Botai lead hunter, decides to search for the raiders first and deal with access to tin later. He suspects that their old enemies are back, and it appears that Mercillus, leader of the Smolens, might have enough men to take revenge on the Botai. The trio of Botai leaders, Alex, Daven, and Bruno, take their hardened fighters and set out to find the raiders, journeying to unknown lands and facing strange new challenges. Along the way, they battle slavers and encounter a variety of other people, both hostile and friendly. But soon they learn that the raiders, who call themselves the Wolf Clan, are responsible for the raids, and some of their names and faces are familiar.

In this historical novel, a group of Bronze Age horsemen set out on an action-filled journey in order to protect their way of life from raiders seeking to destroy it.

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